Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Last Week and Mother's Day "Craft"

We love our little neighborhood school. There is much emphasis on volunteering and many "appreciation weeks". We received three sheets of paper, 8.5 by 11 inches to tell us what we could and should do for Teacher Appreciation Week. Yes, for three teachers. We love the little school that AA attends, it has great parent involvement and I do need these suggestions and reminders about what I should be doing as a parent for the school. Reminders about our volunteer hours and if we have not met the "goal". The fund raisers consisting of buying over priced products that I can buy for half the price elsewhere; the beautification school grounds clean-up days, etc. The list goes on. So the "gentle" reminder get me going in the right direction. I bought items on the list from school supplies to gift cards for three teachers. One day is flower or plant day. I did try to get a little creative by labeling each plant with the teacher's name. I didn't look at Pinterest as I knew I would really stress out seeing many great "crafty" ideas. I think I will just write a personal note to AA's first grade teacher to thank her for the attention she gives each child and how her quarterly comments brighten our day. Yep, a thank you note.

Thinking of a Mother's Day family gathering is a great thought. But, we seem to have trouble coming up with a reasonable place that will accommodate about 20 of us to all enjoy, including activities for the grands/little ones. We have given up on restaurants as our group is large and is always too confining for too long (plus expensive).  We need a central fun place that we can spread out and no one person (or family) has the job of entertaining all of us. We are stumped!
In the mean time, we sent our cards and made one small crafty item for our two youngest Mom's.
The idea came from here. And here is our results!
We decided to all meet up at Maggie's Herb Farm's Annual Open House on Saturday, which is perfect and us Mom's get to pick out some potted herbs!

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