Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day - First Grade Mother's Day Tea

Alyzabeth's school class held a beautiful Mother's Day Tea. The children sang songs, read a book to us and served us a plate of sweets and savories.
Each child wrote two pages of lovely things about their Mom, painted a flower pot, drew our portrait and made a bookmark. All so sweet! Mrs. Woods did a good job!

The children getting food for each Mom:
After the program, each child came and sat with us.
Mrs. Woods:
Some of the things AA wrote include she likes it when I tuck her into bed, when I tickle her and I can spell big words! She also wrote: "She goes to work for us to have money"! She will never know that her Daddy worked very hard including lots of shift work and overtime hours; she will always know him as the "stay-at-home-daddy" which is what we love best! A parent at home is worth so much, domestic peace!

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