Monday, May 05, 2014

Golfing Fun - St. Johns Golf Club - Best Score!

Our last week was very wet! AA played golf on Wednesday and did her best ever in a practice round of two under par (34) with no bogeys! She has really made a big step change, lowering her score. Her new Coach Kip made some suggestions for her putting; it has really helped! Then the rains came.
We signed AA up for the Orlando Golf Tour, which the first tournament for the Summer schedule was postponed yesterday (Saturday, the 3rd) due to rain.

From our Facebook page, Sunday (4th):  
Warning Parents Bragging: AA shot her first eagle ever on Hole #7 at the St. Johns Golf Club (Elkton, FL)! It was a par four and she had a long chip as a second shot and in the cup it went! We are so proud of her earning her lowest score in a tournament; a 38 (two over par). She practices most every day and it shows; great progress this year for our sweet little one! Congratulations to Bryn who placed first with a par score; AA came in second. And we enjoyed playing with new family, the Leonard's.

AA finishing a drive shot (above). Below, is AA getting her ball after making her eagle, a score of two for the par 4 hole!
The scoring table:
The happy girls:
Here's my unofficial scorecard (not the one the girls use, sign and turn in) that I use to keep track (keeps me watching the game and not playing on my iPhone!): Par, Bogey, Par, Bogey, Par, Par, Eagle, Double Bogey, Par. The double bogey was a downhill putt that got away, so more practice needed there (strategy is to not get up hill of the cup, but it happens occasionally).
We are looking forward to more fun golfing this summer!

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