Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fun with Dylan (Friday - Saturday)

Happy Mother's Day weekend!
We had fun with Dylan for just one evening/day. We showed her a few golf swings and hit the pool!

Matching L.L.Bean design bathing suits.
Enjoying fun on the golf cart:
AA at her lesson with Mr. Kip at Fleming Island Plantation:
She learns something each time that has really helped her distance; she gained many yards just by standing a little further from the ball than she used to.
Dylan practicing her putting:
Saturday morning, we went to Eagle Harbor for AA's practice. We gave Dylan another golfing "lesson" and she improved her putting. Ford tried her with a few other clubs at the driving range and hopefully she had some fun.
AA at the driving range:
 Dylan getting personal attention from me and Poppy:
 Happy girl!
Dylan stretching, she told me she was doing yoga!
We are done, leaving the course, ready to go to our next adventure - Maggie's Herb Farm Open House!

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