Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Wedding - Lindsey & Nick

A year since the bridal shower, the wedding date finally came! Lindsey (daughter of our friends Kenny and Pam) was gorgeous, beautiful and lovely. The ceremony at Grace UMC had all the elements: humor, a few tears of joy and the Holy Spirit. I sneaked a few photos while waiting for the trolley to take us to the White Room. The ceremony was accompanied by a friend Colin K. We know him and his family as Club members and their kids go to AA's school (OPE). He is a very talented musician (plays in the Jacksonville Orchestra).

The White Room was decorated with photos, unique large mirror with the table assignments, fresh flowers and a roof-top cocktail hour!
Overlooking St. Augustine from the roof (Hubby took this photo of me):
Kenny and Pam mingling with their guests.
We spent most of our time catching up with Ralph and Sandy's news (raising their grand-son and his prom night).
The newly married couple made a grand entrance and had their first dance to Crazy Love.
Happy guest watching the dancing couple.

The food was wonderful including a seafood bar and southern style shrimp and grits in martini glasses. We wish the couple happiness the rest of their lives!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Allison!! This is such a sweet recap of our special day. Thank you for being a part of it all! I wished I could have stolen away more moments with you & Ford but I felt all the love & support!!

Anonymous said...

(Darn autocorrect)

-Lindsey :)