Monday, April 14, 2014

Miscellaneous - The Past Week - April 2014

AA practices on her swing box (we had fun finding it and buying it) and has a "Bulls Eye" to aim for. Several times she "womps" the ball into the paper and destroys it. Helps to make golfing fun!

Ford made a casserole with chicken and rice (and lots of veggies and cheese too!). We love it when he does the cooking!
We practiced at the Amelia Island Oak Marsh course on Friday afternoon after school (can you tell we forgot her collared golf shirt!!) and played with a man (Mr. Terry) vacationing from New Jersey, it was fun and always interesting to talk to a friendly "stranger" on the course!
We get to see our old work place (St. Johns River Power Park) from the ninth fairway of this course; the cooling towers always stand out along the Jacksonville skyline:
End of nine holes!
We really enjoy this course and the little cafe that overlooks the ninth green. The food is good and we can relax before heading home.
AA goofing around with her Daddy Caddie:
Also, today is my birthday and sister Melissa and nephew Andrew and Britney sent me these flowering plant - very cute! Thank you!
Also, we are thinking of daughter L. as she had minor surgery today and hopefully will have a speedy recovery!
This past week was tough with the passing of AA's golf Coach Doug Cody, he is very much missed!

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Happy belated birthday!!!