Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Week of February 24th - March 1st: Rewind

Monday began with son Justin coming to visit and pick up a spare refrigerator we had for his house.  After school, we played a round of nine on Monday the 24th; then the rest of the week was rainy and wet conditions. With Ford's trip to the Children's Home on Wednesday and the Celebration of Life with the Wright Family on Friday, not much golf practice was worked in. Hubby did get her out late on Saturday, March 1st. Then the Tournament was this past Sunday (the 2nd at South Hampton).
A few photos from Eagle Harbor on March 1st:

Still trying to replicate the perfect photo I took of AA with the water slide in the background; don't think it will ever happen!
For Valentine's Day, the Read's gave AA this scrabble game made up of chocolate foil-wrapped letters. We played one game then started eating! All candy is gone except these delicious letters!
And so we now begin calling AA - "Lizzy" per her request. I had always thought we would call her that, but we didn't and then got used to calling her full name "Alyzabeth". She has chosen to change, so we must too! Love my Lizzy girl!

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