Thursday, March 20, 2014

U. S. Kids Golf Tournament - Fernandina Beach

This past Sunday was another beautiful, sunny (and very windy) day; great for the girls to play a round and all ended up playing great! The course is small and doesn't weave through neighborhoods, so the girls walked most of it rather than riding with the golf cart chauffeur!

Bryn almost got her first hole in one - only about two inches from the cup on a par 3! And AA shot her lowest score in a tournament with a 39. Newcomer, Caiden, shot a 41, her best ever. A fun day for them all!
Director Matt announcing the winners; he always points out the good things they did, always positive, making golfing fun:
The seven and under girls:
Always enjoy the boys; this photo shows their best behavior; they really listen to Director Matt when he talks to them!
AA's medal!

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Catherine said...

Way to go AA!!! You're working so hard and doing so well and having fun doing it. A great combination!!