Sunday, March 02, 2014

Spring 2014 - South Hampton U.S. Kids

Every golf tournament is different. AA can play nine holes every day and you never know how well she will play the next day. Golfing is not predictable. Only that if you do not play, you will not play well! Practice makes you better over the long term, but, golfing is a very individual game. Humans are inconsistent. Just look at the top golfers and look at their scores week to week.
These girls play GREAT golf; so proud of how well they play with all the inconsistencies. Another fun outing with these "seven and under" pros!

AA, Bryn, Caiden and Samantha:

The seven year old boys, Aiden on the right:
The four girls receiving their medals (AA is second place):
Sweet, goofy girls:
The Dunham family kids, sharing with AA:
Phillip (six and under boys) scored an impressive 37 but lost in the "paper" tie-breaker. Sad way of determining the winner, but it was dark outside, no way to have a proper play-off. See you on the course next Sunday!

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