Monday, March 31, 2014

Mommy Caddie - Or is that Mommie Caddie?

I finally took the plunge and pretended (practiced) to be AA's caddie. I needed to actually do it in case I had to substitute for sweet Hubby someday. Let's hope not! But, I did feel comfortable carrying the bag; a bit awkward as I didn't want to make any adjustments since this was a one time deal.
Daddy Caddie has it just the way he likes it.
We had a beautiful afternoon, no local tournament this weekend and we decided not to travel to one of the other local Florida tours.
So what do you call a Mommy Caddie? Too bad my name wasn't Maddy or Sadie or ?

I did a little coaching, mostly checking how she lined up the ball. I have a lot to learn, but in a pinch, I feel confident that smart and knowledgeable AA and I would manage together!

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