Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Girls Golfing Association: Country Club of Orange Park

AA was invited to play on an all-girls team for a series of four tournaments. Hubby and her attended the first kick-off meeting that went fairly well, but we didn't get much information about how the teams will play. We received an email a day before the tournament asking for her team member; of course, we did not know about needing that, so got all resolved in a day of texts with our contact.
With the U.S. Kids Tournaments, we play a round of nine holes in 2 hours, 15 minutes; everyone knows golfing rules, and all have been accepted based on their experience level; in other words, someone has vouched that they know how to play.
We were part of a scramble foursome, one golfer had never played, only hitting a few balls in her backyard previously. During the match there were instances as to which rules counted and which were to be ignored. There were issues as to how the rules applied. We were confused and the situation only grew more awkward. After completing five holes of the nine in three hours; we withdrew. Something we have never done and something we never wish to do again. Very frustrating and hopefully a situation we will not knowingly find ourselves in the future. I am writing a post on what I have learned about kids golfing and will post it soon (probably will be heavily censored by Hubby!). Enough said here in public.
Practice swings:

Putting challenge (wasn't time to finish as we had the first tee time at the first hole). It was a scramble with shot-gun starts, yet at ten minutes before our tee time, no one else was on the course. At our tee time, back at the club house the organization was making the welcoming announcements, which we couldn't hear clearly from our tee box! So, even though the emails that went out said to be at your tee on time, the tournament started 20 minutes after the published tee time.

We will stay with the U.S. Kids Golf Local and Regional Tournaments. We have tried two local Club tournaments and I can't say enough to the parents - you must know the rules of golf and help your child follow them.

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