Friday, March 28, 2014

Another Ranch Trail Ride - Diamond D Ranch

Diamond D Ranch has a great horse riding program for beginners and casual riders. You can take the one hour or two hour trail rides just about anytime. They are slow, ambling, gentle rides, great for any age. Today (Friday) since it was spring break, AA had her second ride (click here for her first time at Diamond D on 12/31/2013), this time in a group alone (without me). She was confident that it would be fun and of course, she was all smiles!

Her first ride, the horse was named JC; this horse is Mary and a bit older (and has a boyfriend-horse named Pop who was right behind her).
 All smiles, without her front two teeth (she lost them on Thursday, 03/20/14 and Friday the 21st):
 She's at the front of the line, right behind guide Ms. Tonya.
 A beautiful flower by the fence rail:
 And they're off!
Rain was predicted but it was all sunshine and warm when we first arrived. The last ten minutes of the ride, everyone got wet with some sun showers:
 The end of the ride:
 It was fun and AA wants lessons now! Oh no!

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Catherine said...

What fun! Horseback riding is such a great experience! Have fun with lessons AA!