Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Week Ending Sunday 02/23/2014

Some random and miscellaneous thoughts for this past week.
We started the weekend quietly on Friday evening as AA went to the Orange Park UMC Parent's Night Out. We headed to Bernie's Wine Shop tasting. It was surprisingly enjoyable tasting many reds (Ford was brave and tasted the whites); along with some cheese and crackers, chatting with some locals, all good!
Saturday was grocery shopping, going to the library, playing at a local playground, and cooking dinner at home.
AA reads as many books as is put in front of her. She did select this one by herself at the local library on Saturday. Her first grade teacher regularly sends home chapter books for her to read. This one, over 300 pages, she read yesterday afternoon. It was a beautiful days so sat outside and enjoyed reading.

Ford made a new recipe wit bacon and asparagus. The sauce it bakes in was way too sweet. With a few modifications, will be great the next time! We enjoyed the California wine given to us by Mike D'Avico with our salmon dinner.
Ford also made his usual large batch of meatballs and spaghetti sauce, all very yummy!
Sunday, the second Spring U. S. Kids Golf Tournament was to be held. Due to a horrid thunderstorm and rain, now postponed until March 9th. The girls (Alyzabeth, Caiden, Bryn) ran around the Club House, all good. I asked them to show if they were "#1", got a few photos.
Matthew Forte, the Director's little daughter is a cutie, caught this one photo as her Daddy was announcing the rescheduling of the tournament.
Tomorrow, AA and I plan to go to the library and do some shopping; then to meet up with Daddy to practice golfing if the weather cooperates!

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