Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday: The Golf Academy of North FL (TGANF) - Magnolia GC

AA participated in the second event held by TGANF by Coach Brian. The first one was January 26th, click on link here to read about it.
Sunday's event (02/16/14) had fewer children (I think nine girls and boys in the "experienced" group), but we got to golf with local Maren H. (age 11) again; she's going to be a good golfer, booming long drives! Her friend Emma joined this time; her first tournament.

Daddy and Daughter checking the target and how to line up for this hole:
Coach Brian Kibler and AA:
Golfer Maren, won longest drive of the contest!
AA tied with a different boy this time (again) and lost (again) in the paper tie-breaker. I almost cried. Two times now and our girl is called out, listened to Coach Brian to tell her she had a winning score, then tell her to go away as the boy won and got the medal. I don't know how she understands it all. Sometimes I look at her face and see the dismay, but then it disappears. Of course, it is fair how the tie breaker is done. AA just needs to play better to win outright. Maybe next time. Coach did call her out and gave her the smile award for the day...... somewhat awkward after just working through her sadness at winning but not getting first place again.
We did have a little celebration afterwards, treated by our Tennessee friends, the Read's over at Taps Restaurant. Good fun, they always make us laugh and cheer up the world when around them! We said our good-bye's as their weekend visit came to an end and hope to see them next time they are "in town"! 

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