Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Saturday - Retirement Party Fun!

It was a fun party at the River House: we had delicious food by Kelly Powell, smooth music by Jesse Cruce (son-in-law). The weather was bright, clear and cool. But not too cold! Perfect for a February evening! Family came along with many SJRPP/JEA retirees and co-workers, about 60 of us had a nice evening together.
The little girls had dinner with us and then stayed at the River Suites with a great babysitter, MF.

Friends Kenny and Pam:
Rose and Bob Sweatland:
Paul and Diana Smith, all the way from Pennsylvania!
JEA Greg Wood and Jennifer:
Jim and Sandy Jackson with Jay Worley in the middle:
 The retired "Staff/Management" from SJRPP (up through 2007):
Beautiful daughter and SIL playing and singing the music:
Mark Wright visiting with Sandy J. and Paul Smith:
I was gifted with lots of wine, a "get ready for the Beach" bag (with wine and sandals), decorator pillows, silver bracelet, cognac, a few items to remind us of our blessings and several gift cards. I won't mention who dared to give me a Steelers' shot glass!! Everyone was too generous! All I wished for was a good evening with friends, which I received! Along with sweet words from Hubby and a great review of my career and praise from Paul Smith.
I didn't get photos of all the guests like: the Wills, Hiers, Hester, Perry's. Nelson's, Aldrich, Daum's, LB, Legow's, Martin's, Kofler's, Glennon's, Jensen's, D'Avico, Jim and Cliffreda Read, Sharon Register........ Plus family: Leaa, Jesse, Nicole, Jordan, Christa, Cathy, Werner, Carolyn, Dawn, Marsha and Carl! Thank you to all who came!