Saturday, February 15, 2014

Post Valentine's Day! Sweet Treats and Friends!

We had a fun Valentine's Day, meeting up with Jim and Cliffreda Read for lunch at a small local deli - Pinegrove Market. Then after school golfing for AA and a visit to the River House for a drink with our friends. We continued enjoying a simple dinner of spaghetti and meatballs at home and lots of Valentine treats including "Scrabble" chocolates from the Read's and a case of Sterling Cabernet wine they brought for my retirement gift. So sweet and generous!! (they did the same for Ford's birthday in Key West, and we have been rationing out using the bottles)
Thank you to Nana Cobb for sending AA a sweet treat! Here's a picture of our "Valentine's Day" table:

Valentine's Day and the Chinese Lantern Festival landed on the same date this year. I made a few paper lanterns to decorate the table:
Cherry-Chocolate mini-cupcakes from Winn-Dixie:
I hand dipped strawberries for an additional treat for Hubby:
At the River House with the Read's:
The moon was beautiful (Friday) tonight:
These last two photos are of the school treats AA received. The box was made from a cereal box and the teacher (Mrs. Woods) customized them - so cute! I liked the plastic beach shovel with some candy wrapped in a cellophane bag and labeled "I DIG You!". My favorite "homemade" valentine's craft this year!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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Vivian M said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day!!