Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Monday - President's Day Activities

We spent a lovely day relaxing, being lazy at home and doing a few errands. We dropped by the Forte's with some toys and clothes AA had outgrown and played nine holes at Eagle Harbor. Eagle Harbor had hosted a three day Hurricane tournament that was just wrapping up. We were able to get on the course the same time as the Members. Such a beautiful day (for wintery February!). Several groups allowed us to play through and many members commented on how they enjoyed watching AA play. A great day for us!

I always like taking a photo of the water slide in the background!
Ball washing routine!
After golfing, we enjoyed some quiet time on the river at the River House, then dinner and bedtime routine! Off to school and work in the morning!
It continued to be great weather, so they played golf again on Tuesday while I was at work. Have to take advantage of the sunny, warm weather!

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