Monday, February 10, 2014

Chinese New Year - First Coast Families with Chinese Children

This was our 6th Chinese New Year celebration with Alyzabeth. Always fun with the First Coast Families FCC group. We seem to spend time running to the craft table, buying raffles and deciding which raffles to enter, chasing the little Grands, signing up and waiting in line for our family photo....etc. We didn't visit with many other families, just quick hello's. And I have no idea why these were posted in reverse order; so you get to see the last photos first!
Poppy with Dylan:

I grabbed Kilee several times when she was biting her fingernails, wrestled her arms behind her back! She bites her nails all the time; at least she laughed each time I did it!
The Lion dance:
Watching the entertainment: Lion and a Chinese Lady doing two authentic dances:
Best posed photos of Leaa and little girls:
Friend Bess sat with AA during one of the dances:
Learning a few karate moves:
Kilee and Alivia watching the show:
Dinner was yummy!
Daddy - Daughter:
Dylan found all the candy we brought in CNY gift bags and was a two fisted lollipop eater!
Mommy - Daughter:
Under the table fun!
The "older" girls:
Craft table:
Placing a birth-city flag on the map of China:
Dylan dancing; enjoyed the fun on the dance floor:
Our table #28!
If was fun, but drawn out after dinner, had gaps after dinner where it was slow and we were ready to leave (but had to wait/stay for the lion dance). On a school night, by the time we got home and ready for bed, was a "late" school night! Maybe start earlier and watch the time management. Overall, always fun!

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Sounds and looks like lots of fun!