Friday, February 28, 2014

Burger Sliders and the Children's Home (FUMCH)

Hubby made homemade Burger Sliders and they were delicious! Cheese, onions, pickles plus deep fried french fries and coleslaw on the side. Love his supper surprises!
The recipe is at "make dinner easy dot com" or go to better recipes blog.
Bake the burger mixture:

Buy small dinner rolls, slice whatever you wish to have on your sliders:
Bake the burger, then add the sliced cheese:
Add french fries and coleslaw!
We also received a donation of Revlon hair products to deliver to the children's home. The truck was loaded down and it was a rainy day! (the cover was just temporary while parked overnight).
 We should have taken a photo of the very low tires! Heavy load!
Thank you to Brad Bloom who arranges for the Home to receive these wonderful products! If there is anything you can/would do for the children's home, learn more at their website or drop us a line! Read past posts about donations!
Today is Friday and we do have a very sad task to do; we are heading out to a Celebration of Life for a co-worker, he was 38 years old. We know his Dad from work very well, the Dad is a retiree from  our company and golfs with Ford each Wednesday morning. So sad to lose a son. Prayers for the Wright family.

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