Thursday, January 09, 2014

U.S. Kids Orlando Local Tour and Championship

The Orlando Local Tour finished up on January 05, 2014. We played in three of the events and still won/earned fourth place for the Championship. For the final tournament at Oak Trail course, AA finished second which was EXCELLENT! Isabella placed first by three strokes (okay, she is 10th in the WORLD).
AA has steadily improved each month, each tournament, each lesson. She practices and stays focused, even though golfing is such an individual sport and much inconsistency no matter how good you are. AA did great and even could have done better; it was her best on this day and was enough to pass many girls in her age group.

Daddy Caddie and Daughter:
At the end, the three-some that AA was in: Olivia I. and Ava A.
The award for the tournament, AA finished second:
The Championship Awards (AA was fourth):
Bella won again, she is a terrific golfer and has a great family:
Afterwards, the Dunham's organized a meet up for pizza (three of us families are from the Jacksonville Local Tour). It was great food and the kids had fun relaxing:
AA at home hanging her medal:

We enjoyed the trip! It makes for a busy schedule but most families have kids in several sports or lessons; we have one that requires a little more traveling around.

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Jboo said...

What fun! Congrats AA!!