Thursday, January 30, 2014

Last Week - Chowder Bowl and More

Last week, I went with AA and Ford to school, to follow their morning routine since I will need to do it alone at times. They have things they do when they get to the parking lot. He always run through her spelling words for the week and she reads a book. Once the first bell rings, they head for the classroom.

I made a new beef and broccoli stir-fry (along with edamane, napa cabbage, mushrooms, celery, etc). The rice noodles were a bit too much but we enjoyed the flavor. I posted a photo of all the new Chinese sauces we bought a few days ago. It really makes a difference than using only soy sauce.
Hubby made a refrigerator cherry cheesecake, which was delicious!
Next, we participated in the River House Chowder Bowl. Our chowder didn't win but most were delicious.
Last Sunday, we went off to church in mostly L.L. Bean clothes (photo below). Here's my description from Facebook: It was a L.L. Bean morning for our church outfits...... AA has three things from L.L. Bean, a skort, blue top and white hoodie; I had on three also, brown twill slacks, my L.L. Bean "fake-Teva's" and a light fleece; Hubby had on three too: his L.L. Bean shoes, Polo top and fleece vest. Yup, cold - 60 degrees outside! Now off to AA's golf tournament!
A few older photos:
AA making friendship bracelets (birthday gift from the Dunham's).

 A letter she received back from Santa:
And above is a picture of AA's first job application. We were playing pet shop and stables and I told her she had to fill out an application to get the job.So cute!
I attended the Local Church Representative Training for the Children's Home (FUMCH) at Lakewood UMC; it is held every year during the District training day. Then I was off to the FUMCH Board retreat on the 27th to discuss the new Madison Youth Ranch (FL). I always want to remember the Staff at the Children's Home, they were so moving when telling about the death of a young boy on the residential campus (of natural causes). They get so attached to these children who have no where to go, no safe home. No loving parents. If you decide that helping children is first and the most important thing to do, go to your local children's home and volunteer. Learn more about the one we support here.
That was our past week of January 18th -  25th!

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