Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vacation - New York City Tuesday - Central Park Part 2

Tuesday, 07/30/13 - Central Park - Part 2 - Meeting up with Leaa, Jesse, Alivia and Dylan:

Lots of room to run around and climb, a beautiful breezy day!
Hans Christian Anderson Reading/Book area:
Alice In Wonderland (the annual preservation cleaning and restoration was going on):
Getting Pizza for lunch:
Madison Square Park: Went to see the rope sculpture of red, yellow and blue:
Many photos during the day, seeing so many new sights and walked our feet off!
Narrow building:
Tired, she needed a foot rest!
Last time being on the subway, a great way to get around the city fast!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vacation - Driving South to New York City - Monday

We left our beloved State of Maine yesterday and headed for New York City! While driving, AA created a dog and frog from an Origami kit that Auntie Jean gave to her. The frog actually jumps! Fun stuff to help keep her busy during the long drive (besides watching movies and playing on the iPad!).

After checking in the Hampton Inn (Soho/Manhattan, 54 Watts St) we walked to Chinatown and ate dinner at Mooncakes on Watts Street. We did not buy anything in Chinatown, was looking for traditional Chinese culture products not perfumes, fake watches, purses, scarfs or NYC trinkets. Many shops and busy streets!
AA people watching while at Mooncakes:
Delicious homemade ices teas like jasmine, mint, lemon and ginger:
We ordered the Monday special of prawns and noodles, octopus with spinach noodles, edamame and a salad. Great vegetarian dumplings!
Random NYC shots (many art/sculptures on every corner):
View from 19th floor of hotel:
Tuesday morning, we headed to World trade Center 9/11 Memorial.
In the subway, a flat world:
Need money!!
Walking to 9/11 Memorial:
Free to be admitted with advance tickets, a beautiful park, the two waterfalls that go well below ground level, even can touch the water under the names, all engraved, many people leaving flowers, moved to tears, crowds, light, peace, a memorial to America.
Central Park - Part 1: Strawberry Fields Park for John Lennon. As you know, we named our blog for this song, waiting, imagining Alyzabeth An, living life in peace..... years before we knew her:
The terrace and fountain:
Rehearsal for the evening concert:
To be continued - Part 2!