Sunday, December 01, 2013

Thursday Night Sleepover!

Alivia spent Thanksgiving night with us; it was on again, off again due to the flu/colds going around here. Thankfully, all seemed well enough, so the sleepover began with a short visit to the River House Christmas Tree decorating, enjoying a glass of wine, Shirley Temples and popcorn. It was chilly but we got cozy with the girls reading a "horse" book each; we watched the football game. On the walk home, fireworks were going off. Not sure who was displaying them, but gave us some sparkles to enjoy.

The fireworks (below):
After Friday morning breakfast, the girls played reporter asking each other how the weather forecast was, playing with their doggies, singing the "Twelve Days of Christmas" together and using AA's golf putter board. A happy group!
In their "Love, Love, Love" shirts:
Have a great weekend!

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