Monday, December 30, 2013

The Day After Christmas - Okeechobee Visit

We drove to Okeechobee to visit with the In-Laws. We enjoyed the great weather, good food with Nana Joy's cooking and playing with Grandpa. Ford took AA golfing, she played (built) with one of her Friends LEGO sets and tried riding her bike without training wheels. We had a great visit; then headed back home with a quick visit with cousin Carolyn near Palm Coast.

Lego Riding Ranch set; very serious work!
We did some shopping, didn't jump in the pool even though it was warm enough, walked around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights in the evening, made a flavored vodka with cranberries and lime, for a "Crantini" for our happy hour......
Biking without training wheels, first time:
I made some Christmas package gift tags on the drive down and back, my Grandmother E-E used to use/recycle Christmas cards by adding a backing to the card and some ribbon. I like having them made up and ready for next Christmas:
Looking forward to taking down the Christmas Tree, catching up on laundry and ironing. All the fun stuff!

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