Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Week In Review - December 9th - 15th

Last week began and ended very quiet. My work. The River House Christmas Party (yummy food from the Hilltop Restaurant) and Friday "PNO" (Parent's Night Out) for AA at the Orange Park UMC (Christmas Party where she said she sat on Santa's lap, her first time and we were NOT there!!). Saturday, the trip to Orlando (Disney's Lake Buena Vista Golf Course) for a golf tournament, Sunday was OPUMC Christmas Cantata (really beautiful with lots of Christmas music; praise to the Newborn King!)! Then in the afternoon, Dylan's 4th Birthday Party. Maybe the week wasn't so quiet!
Lots of separate posts will be on those events.

Daddy Caddy Ford wrote a few words about his golfing week with AA, about her new 45" U.S. Kids Golf set (not the Tour Series, not yet for AA). These are longer than her pink set and we found them slightly used (and very cheap) on "Craig's List". She just started using them. He was telling me a few stories, and I begged for him to write them down. So here's his story:

Used or not - they're new for us!

We've moved to longer clubs and while continuing to make the transition, early results are positive. Oh, we still have our share of hitting fat but my golfer is clearly showing signs of becoming comfortable with the extra length. The new ( used - Craigslist) ultralight clubs give us iron choices we simply didn't have with the old set. New to our arsenal is the 6, 8 and 9 iron. It's nice to reach for a full swing 9 rather than having to choose between laying up with the pitching wedge or trying to pull off a short swing 7. 

Interesting practice this week. While driving to the Eagle Harbor course I remarked we would work on chipping, putting and hit a few from the range and head home early. We parked in the lot and started towards the practice green when she asked if the course looked busy. I asked why and she said she would like to play nine. We checked in and the course manager sent us on our way. 
I share this because as a parent of a young golfer you wonder about their desire to play. Is the desire theirs or yours? Is the game fun for them? It was a good feeling knowing she wanted to play. It would be our third day in a row of playing nine and with the extra swings the new clubs were giving back rewards. More importantly was that desire to play. The smiles and laughter during the round was a treasure. 

A gift to her looper. A gift to Dad...

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