Friday, December 20, 2013

Orlando U.S. Kids Tour - Disney

Lots of waiting! The story of our day at the Disney Golf Course.
We drove to Orlando in the morning, arriving 2.5 hours before tee time. Lots of time to practice. But, they would not give us carts until 15 minutes before our tee time! They ran out of balls on the driving range! And our tee time of 3:24 changed to 4:05 (yes, it gets dark at 5:45, so no chance of completing nine holes)! Overall, the experience was fine, but with lots of time to stand around waiting, conversations were sometimes a little grumpy! The girls made the best of it; with a few golfers sisters there as spectators (that's what I am too!), they at least were able to have some fun together. Abigail brought along her friendship bracelet loom and it was nice weather to hang outside together!

Waiting at the first hole:
 The game was called at five holes due to darkness and then it began to DOWNPOUR!
The Awards Ceremony (the rain was letting up, we were all scrunched next to the Pro Shop):
The official photo for the Seven and under girls:
Bella being goofy:
We then drove home in the rain; arrived safely about 10:00 p.m. (we were wishing we made hotel reservations!). We will probably go back and play the final game of the Orlando Tour in January 2014. Our Jacksonville Tour will probably not begin until late January/February. Can't wait!

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