Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dylan's Fourth Birthday Party!

Daughter Leaa and SIL put on a great birthday party for their youngest, our Grand Dylan on Sunday the 15th. With the bouncy house, cotton candy, the craft table, Justin frying fish and the face painting, all were happy and plenty of other kids to play with. These photos are out of order, so many of the face painting - beautiful faces. Alivia and Alyzabeth took the prize for the best face in my opinion!

Daddy - Daughter (her first time having her face painted!):
Dylan waiting to blow out her candles:
Kilee taking off her "high" sandals to jump in the bouncy house; you're never too old to enjoy it!
Son Justin cooking (for hours!):
Mimi-Grandmother Marsha taking lots of photos:
The craft table:
Dylan enjoying her bouncy house:
Lots of good conversation with good friends:
Dylan's pretty face:
Even Mom-Leaa had some paint on her face:
Our best in show faces! Alivia the Cheetah and AA the Tiger:
Josie the Snowman - very original!

Cotton Candy Hawkers - Jesse and Matt B.:
The group of Fancy Faces:
Alivia's final face creation:
A happy time for Dylan and her guests!

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Marsha said...

Great pictures! I'll send you the link to my Picasa album. Thanks for sharing.