Friday, December 27, 2013


Our Christmas morning began with checking the reindeer food (and seeing that some was gone) and checking the presents under the tree. It was cool this morning but did warm up to the high 60's - how nice! We visited with all the family, it was great seeing Nicole and Jordan (and Mila), Justin and Kilee, Christa, Angie and Charles (and Ian), Leaa and Jesse (and Dylan and Alivia), plus a few of their friends.

Looking over what Santa left in our stockings:
Nana sent us many things from L.L. Bean: fleece vest, PJ's, matching tote bags and many more nice stuff:
AA enjoying her new mini-iPad:
The empty Christmas stockings:
Many gifts; Ford bought us a golf cart bench cover (for those cold and damp Florida mornings!) and Santa gave AA many Friends Lego sets and Zoomer.
At Cathy and Werner's for the afternoon and dinner, they gave all the girls a Cabbage Patch doll:
Grandma Cathy taking the doll out of the very secure packaging:
Alivia, AA and Dylan - all smiles on Christmas Day!

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