Saturday, December 07, 2013

A Quiet Week and Saturday

This past week has been relatively quiet. School and work, golf lessons and playing golf. The week began with AA's annual Doctor check-up; she had a lingering cough from her flu/cold episode but otherwise all is well. We began Saturday morning with a golfing friend's birthday party at an inside jump zone type place (Beach Blvd). Lots of room and fun for the kids. It can get rough with so many kids jumping around, throwing balls, using inflatable over-sized boxing gloves. A few kids did get near tears, a few bruises, then all is fine and they are back in the mix, jumping and sliding.
Then we went to the San Marco Bookstore for the book signing of Kat LaMons new book about 100 "match day" stories (available on Amazon). Kat was our CCAI Director in Orlando and was an inspiring and perfect agency contact person. She said she may include us in the next book (haha) as we did have a few unique things happen to us that day (reading back on mid-August 2008 will give you an idea).
Then we stopped in The Grotto, thinking it was that same as the last time we visited (probably more than ten years ago), we found out differently. No food! Only a wine and beer bar. We did stay and sample a few of the 3 oz wine glasses. While there, the bartender asked what brought us to the area, so we explained about the China Adoption book, etc. He joined us for a long conversation about adoption as he and his wife are now in their 40's and are at the point where they need to decide about children. We enjoyed sharing our story and maybe it will lead them to adoption.
We then came home and sweet hubby made us a hearty fried fish dinner including hush puppies. We ate too much! And then it was off to the O Little Town of Bethlehem live village by the Orange Park United Methodist Church. It seemed much more meaningful to us, AA partook in several demonstrations like basket weaving, talking to the villagers, petting the goats, donkey and shetland pony. We stayed for the retelling of the Christmas Story. And it was a wonderful evening, in the 70's. AA had a cookie and hot chocolate. If you have not been to a live village setting to hear about Jesus, it is worth it, to hear the message meant for you.
Back to the birthday party photos:
The Staff were very young, energetic and funny, playing tug of war:

 Phillip's sister Abigail and AA playing a few video games:
 Tug of war with Phillip's Dad:
 AA enjoying the bouncy houses and huge slides:
 The group photo:
 Phillip's golfing greens birthday cake:
 Pizza and the end of the party!
Our Saturday was wonderful!

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