Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving - Thankfulness!

We are a very blessed, fortunate, lucky, happy, healthy family; we could make many lists of what we are thankful for:
Family love and fun; don't they go together? We are happy to be around each other and certainly tolerate each other much better than most families. Any heavy discussions? Just pass the glass of wine along with the good conversation!
For our children and grandchildren; again family is our life.
For jobs and a work ethic that got us to the point of being able to to live comfortably; for prosperity and for enough money to have fun (refer to family and fun!).
For our church and FUMCH families, for those who pray for each other, for those living for Christ.
For clean drinking water, for clean air, for the sunshine on our faces! For each morning sunrise and each day's sunset.

And we are thankful that Nicole and Jordan are hosting our large extended family for this Thanksgiving holiday. Plus, it is Mila's birthday party!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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