Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Photos and Mila's Birthday

Thanksgiving was wonderful with Nicole and Jordan hosting. Jordan smoked a turkey, plus several other turkeys were cooked and brought to the dinner. Greens, gravy, corn, green beans, scalloped turnips, mashed potatoes, stuffing, homemade rolls (by Ford), hash brown casserole and macaroni and cheese! I may have missed a few dishes, it was a HUGE dinner!Plus Nicole had the house decorated for the holiday and for Mila's second birthday party.
Cupcakes for Mila (my pecan pie next to it):

The cute invitation Nicole sent out:
Jordan smoking the turkey:
The outdoor seating (Jordan's homemade bench seating) plus lots of tables with kid friendly coloring table cloths:
AA and Remy being friendly:
Dawn with Cathy:
Leaa with cousin Dawn and Leaa's Mom, Cathy:
The birthday girl:
Nice decorations, plus many banners:
Nicole's MIL, Nancy carving the turkeys:
Dylan wanted to read books to Mila:
Christa and Mila:
Mila opening her gifts along with many helping hands!
Singing Happy Birthday:
Eating a birthday cupcake (plus there was a beautiful cake):
Dylan chatting with Mila:
Intent on what Mila got for her birthday gifts:
Happy Thanksgiving!

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