Monday, November 04, 2013

Saturday and Sunday - Fun with Cousin Carolyn

It was a very rainy Saturday morning, with the sun peeking out right after lunchtime. Through many clouds, the afternoon at the River House, watching the Florida-Georgia Football game with Carolyn, turned out fun enough.

Florida lost, big loss!
Carolyn and AA exploring the grounds and spying on the Winterbourne wedding in progress (of course, i was spying on them!): AA noticed me sneaking around and taking pictures:
Goofy, fun family:

Sunday, always sad when Carolyn leaves; AA gets to walk Fayah, she loves having a little puppy pet, even if temporarily:
Ford made his chicken buffalo meatballs, stuffed jalapeno peppers and we took that lovely chocolate "Fall" cake to the River House:
Also, AA received a reading award, AA reads everyday and we keep a log for school:
Next blog posts will catch up on Halloween and AA's Sunday golf tournament.
Then, the week will be fun with family and friends, celebrating Ford's birthday!

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