Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Golf Club at Fleming Island

The tournament this past Sunday was in our backyard town, so enjoyed not having to leave so early. With the time change, it made for a dark ending to the nine holes. The day was cool, I needed the blanket at the end, we were all shivering from the wind and darkness.

Everyone had on their coats heading to the scoring table.
It was dark, we were all using our phones as flashlights. Seems the Club was closed for a private event and did not allow us inside.
We had a first time player from the Orlando area (SC). Her sister plays in the tours and S. is just starting. She did great for her first tournament and the family will be visiting the area as one of the Grandfather lives nearby.
Boys six and under (another win by P.):
Hanging of the medal at home:
She is eyeing her first place medals, need to strive to play our best each game:
Until the next tournament, scheduled on 11/17/13.

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