Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week of October 7th - 13th! Busy!

A weekend was coming up with no golf tournament! Seems like we would have lots of time on our hands. Of course not!
There were golf lessons, hair cuts, chaperoning (Daddy Ford did that!) a school field trip, a NBA Basketball game to go to, helping a friend on Friday (taking her to surgery and back home), a quick trip to our favorite River House, Aiden's birthday party and taking furniture to Leaa's new home. Last minute details for our Key West trip. Planning our Universal Adventure Island Orlando trip this Friday and AA playing in the Orlando Fall Tour on the 19th. Not to mention my injured knee that I am still ice-packing.
Here's a few photos from Friday, the 11th (with her school OPE "Eagletastic" shirt on) wandering around our Club. 

Is the pool too cold for a swim? Not for AA, see photos coming up from Sunday (13th)!
Daddy joining in the fun:

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