Sunday, October 06, 2013

Saturday Fun! October 5th

Saturday began with Ford going grocery shopping for Chicken Buffalo Meatball recipe ingredients; then off to the Eagle Harbor Golf course for a round of nine holes for Alyzabeth.
We had fun at Aiden's home making meatballs in the afternoon. Aiden and AA played together from video games, to outside thumping each other with a football (I think they both caught it with their face or head a few times!) and paper airplane making. Aiden and his Mom Jean ran in a 5k in the morning called the Bubble Palooza Run. You would not believe the photos of the bubble colors and that their white T-shirt looked tie-dyed at the end (along with their hands, arms, etc...)! Here's what the web site says "Whether you walk, run, cartwheel or bunny hop through the epic walls of bubbles, you will end up looking like you got in a fight with a rainbow…and lost!"
From our afternoon cooking, photo of the chicken meatballs:

Lentils and making the veggie meatballs:
Playing video games:
Goofy kids:
Watching the video of their Bubble Palooza run:
Having play-dates is all fun!

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Kathy said...

could you share the recipe for the meatballs? they look yummy.