Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Sandy Bottoms - Fernandina Beach

We enjoyed a fried seafood dinner after the golf tournament at Fernandina Beach (Sandy Bottoms), with the Clark family. It is great to let AA play free-style with a friend. They ran and dug in the beach sand. Very windy day, just right to wind down with friends and half-priced poinsettias!
Mom Jean and Aiden deciding what to order:

 Lots of sandy play time!
 Very windy, but sunny, nice!
 View from our patio table:
 Fried seafood:
 Daddy Ford talking the kids into heading to the dance floor, the music was good!
 Back to the beach after eating!
 Walking the beach and saying good-bye:
 The scavenging seagulls, this one doing fine with only one foot:
New birthday gifts from the Dunham's (Bracelet loom kit) and from Clark's (GoLo Golf game in a cup). Family Deitz also handed down a set of U.S. Kids orange (lights, not Tour series) golf clubs for AA! They are a bit long, but will be the next set she grows into! Both Bryn and McKelvey had made these rubber band bracelets and gave one each to AA. Now we can make some!
 Caught the six and under group from afar:
 Mom Jean ***trying*** to get Aiden into picture taking mode! Didn't work!
The "six-year-old and under" boys with medals (Aiden in orange shirt). Love Philip Dunham (blue first-place medal), not quite six yet and steals the show with his low scores and funny personality! I told AA she may have to date younger men, all these boys are adorable!
Another great time!

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Marsha said...

Looks like fun was had by all! Great pictures.