Monday, October 07, 2013

Magnolia Golf Course - Green Cove Springs

Having a golf tournament so close to home is great, no long drive!
Waiting at Hole 1, watching the "6 and under boys" group.

The photo above is Bryn making a great shot out of a hole, she did great (along with an excellent chip out of a sand bunker too)!
 Final hole! Scoring and all smiles once the tournament is over!
Daddy's get their turn in front of the camera!
McKelvey Dietz withdrew due to a sprained ankle.
 Waiting on their medals:
 Matt always does a good job speaking to them and making them feel great about their scores:
Bryn had a balloon lady bug on her wrist that she got at a fair the day before. Very cute (unfortunately, when they played outside, it came apart).
 Happy girls!
The tournament started off a bit strange with a lady photographer yelling at us to get the girls over for a picture. I had just arrived near the first hole tee box with the two girls to watch the boys tee off ahead of us. The two Daddy Caddies were still gathering up the girls clubs over on the driving range.The photographer kept telling me she was in a hurry and we were her last group. It took me a minute understand that she wanted the girls with their clubs. So it all quickly resolved itself as the Dads walked over after I yelled at them. Such disruptive urgency is not needed out on the course. Then at hole #9, she was back with the actual photos asking people to buy them for $20.00. Right at the tee box on the 9th hole. The boys group in front of us were not happy trying to keep the kids focused on teeing off. The photographer got angry that some of the parents were angry and zoomed off in her golf cart, too close to me and another Mom, while yelling, "I don't want your business anyway"! Jeepers! Another thing to speak to our Tour Director about......
No tournaments for two weeks! Next up is South Hampton on October 27th.

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