Monday, October 28, 2013

Golfing - Fall Tour Jacksonville - South Hampton

Another great U.S. Kids Golf Foundation Tour event held at South Hampton yesterday. It was the first beautiful day of our "Fall" weather. Low 70's with a slight breeze. The first time since April that I actually sought out the sun while watching the game. Usually, we are all trying to find some shade to get away from the BLAZING, HOT sun!
Daughter and Daddy found some quiet time; we did have to wait at a few holes, so the round was not rushed at all.

AA bought an orange/black hair ribbon at the local OP Fall Festival last week, so wanted to wear it today with her favorite black outfit.
By the time we reach the 8th or 9th hole, the girls are ready for the game to end and start getting silly. Keeping them focused can be a challenge. After the hand shakes at the 9th hole, running is the norm.
Hugs. AA is usually the squished one!
Waiting for the award ceremony, Daddy Caddy got a few good pictures:
AA did one of her best rounds with a 44. With a few mishaps, she would have been around 39 - 41. After every round, it's like telling the story of the "fish that got away"!
Second place, the red medal:
Goofy girls:
The six and under boys, Phillip won with Kelly in second and Aiden taking third place:
Aiden and Phillip:
A great day!

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