Sunday, October 20, 2013

Friday - No School Day - The Orlando Adventure Begins!

I kept my promise to our little daughter. Yes, we returned to Universal Islands of Adventure to see again the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! We went for a very short time back in late March 2013.
This time AA told me what she wanted to see and do and buy! Ride the Hippogriff ride again, go to Zonkos, Honey Dukes, the Owlery to buy an Owl, look for a broom and eat lunch at the Three Broom Sticks! She also said that I must get a wand.

Crowds! I would guess that 90% of the people entering Islands of Adventure all "run" to the Harry Potter section; very crowed! We were lucky to have a few fast/express passes so did not have to wait in lines. When we first arrived, there was very little wait time (5 - 10 minutes), then it jumped up to 45 minutes by lunch time.
AA's Daddy asked us to bring him a chocolate frog, so we obliged!

The Marauders Map which "really" worked. Use your wand to tap on the different characters and shadows appear showing you where they are. It was pretty cool but not the price tag! She did talk me into buying a wand, so I now have Molly Weasley's wand Since AA's wand is Ginny Weasley, we have a mother - daughter combo!
 If you stood in the very long line, one can have their picture taken with other fellow wizard students:
 Fish and Chips:
 Yummy apple cider for our lunch beverage:

I wonder what new Harry Potter attraction is being built behind this wall?
 Dr. Seuss Land...... many fun rides for the little ones: an elevated train ride, a carousel ride, a Cat in the Hat ride (flat ride but zips you around in circles a few time, just fast enough to get one dizzy!).
Once we were home, we took a photo of Hedwig, our new owl; she is a soft puppet with sounds and moving head.
 We will return to this park several times as we converted our three day passes to an annual pass (for only a few dollars) good until March 22, 2014. Then we went to our motel room for the evening at the Orange County National Golf Course. We had lots of fun!

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