Saturday, October 05, 2013

First Week of October!

September 30th - We began the week with a visit and dinner with Kenny and Pam; Kenny is recovering from his knee replacement surgery and Pam went back to work on Monday. Ford made his classic spaghetti and meatball dinner. Yummy!

AA kept her distance from Buddy; he's friendly and BIG!
Photo above is the start of an elastic bracelet, gift from the Dunham's (Philip golfs in the boys six and under group, sister Abigail comes to every tournament). The photo below is of the homemade thank you notes with a Halloween theme. AA's thumb print is the black spider and orange pumpkins.
On Thursday, October 3rd, the River House outside grill was open, so we enjoyed a light dinner there. And a fellow SJRPP retiree came too. Surprise visit together with Bob Gher!
Hanging of the golf medal from Sunday, a second place.
AA does math most mornings and reads a chapter book. Daddy-Teacher is working her into simple multiplying - we call it short-cut addition. AA likes it! Also, some of the many lunch box notes that Daddy Ford writes each day. He is very faithful with a positive note each day.
Yes, we are still winos..... have posted many times about our "value" wines. Always looking for the driest, oakey red wine. This one is a light Italian red and is drinkable. The best part is that Winn Dixie had it on sale and additional 10% off. Better deal than box wines.
I also attended a United Methodist Women's meeting at Mandarin UMC, where this group of ladies are studying about poverty and hunger. The speaker was our wonderful Becky Dotson, CEO of the Florida United Methodist Children's Home about hunger with children. She told of the little boy she adopted who was very under weight and unhealthy due to malnutrition (parents spent their money on drugs). There is childhood hunger in America. My friend, Linda attended and we discussed the need to find a way to help local families who strugle with providing food for their family. Have you heard of the backpack program where churches partner with schools and discretely send a nice backpack home full of food with a needy child. No other child knows about it and it will help with the families hunger. We are looking into it. Will you do something to feed children? Please share ideas and action you have taken.

And as a tribute to the Government shutting down this week, I am posting a quote. We do not understand why a small group of politicians along with their mega-rich supporters, would want to prevent Americans from affordable health care. And to do it with spending tons of private money to convince Americans how wrong it is. This is not a world or life changing event, health care is needed; we should have compassion to help those who need it. It is law and upheld by the Supreme Court. Problems should be worked together to make it a better plan for those who need it. Where is the support for Americans who voted them in office?
And with that I will pray for a better next week for us all.

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