Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall First Grade Field Trip - Amazing Grace Crop Maze

OPE First grade classes went to the Amazing Grace Crop Maze as their Fall field trip.
Daddy was one of the chaperones. Lots of fun including story-time, hay ride, educational about farming, the "old days" and crops (fruits and vegetables).
Daddy was in charge of AA and Hadi.

Lunch was fun. Daddy, Alyzabeth and Hadi shared a picnic table. Hadi and Alyzabeth each taught the other words from their second language. Hadi spoke Urdu and Alyzabeth would then teach Hadi a word in Chinese. Ford said it was a wondrous experience watching the cultural exchange and reminded  him why we have to get AA back in Chinese lessons. Hadi takes an Urdu class each Sunday at his church.

The group photo of Mrs. Woods' class was so cute, had to post several!

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