Saturday, September 07, 2013

Week of September 3rd - 7th

We played golf with Aiden and his Dad John. John was home for a long weekend from his military job. It is nice to have AA play with other youngsters. All smiles after a very HOT nine holes. The adults had a cold beverage afterwards while Aiden and AA had the run of the Eagle Harbor Club!

This week was really good as AA is getting a new longer driver club. Her Coach is extending an existing driver and adding a new grip. This will help her with her long game distance. She will soon have a completely new set of larger, heavier clubs, just waiting until she grows another inch or two. Anyone have some growth hormones? (haha).
Ford continued with his weekly golf round with a fellow retiree. I am so glad he is getting out while AA is in school.
At work, we have had a few deaths (Hodges, Pinkstaff, Spurlock and Sanders). Way too many. Two in their 40s; two in their 50s. Two were cancer. Two were unexpected heart issues. Visitation hours. Funerals. Too sad.
Saturday we went to the St. Augustine Farmers Market to see about renting a space to sell Hubby's latest craft contraption! We should be able to sell his homemade craft within a few weeks. We want to test the local markets before the Christmas holiday. After that, will decide how much time to devote to this hobby.
AA enjoyed a mango-strawberry frozen pop..... and yes, it did drip down her shirt!
All smiles while we listened to some really cool bluegrass music and shopped for our weekly vegetables.
AA took the photo right above of us; not too bad! Can't wait for tomorrow night - off to the Steely Dan concert!

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