Friday, September 13, 2013

Week of September 10th - 13th Steely Dan Concert

We had another great week between the sunny, hot weather, school, pool time and playing golf.
Sunday was church and pool time AA is now using pool "toys"; we had avoided them in the past, preferring to engage her in swimming and playing directly with us. Now that she is a great swimmer, the "noodle" is her favorite toy. She pretends to be riding a horse and sometimes gets her Dad to pull her around quite violently as if bull riding. Lots of laughter as she falls underwater.
Sunday was also the Steely Dan concert! Sister Leaa and Hubby Jesse babysat AA (she slept at their home until we picked her up after the concert to drive home): We visited with Cathy and Werner and friend Sharon at Anastasia Park before the concert at their RV, then walked to the Amphitheater. We snacked and drank and had a good time!

Monday we went golfing with friend Aiden Clark. It was only practice (AA using her new longer driver) and a chance for the two kids to hang out together.
Pool time:
Wednesday, we went to the River House to check out the music. Since children cannot be there after 7 p.m. it is nice to go there when the band begins at 6:00 p.m.
The Fall Golf Tournament series begins this weekend, so back to our routine of Sunday afternoons with all the other wonderful Golf families. Plus preparing for the September Birthday Bash - our annual family party for the kids born in September.

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