Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Friday and Saturday Family September Birthday Party!

We had a great two days for AA's birthday and preparing for the Family Saturday party for Justin, Leaa and Nicole (who was away on a business trip).
First, Friday evening was AA's time to open presents from us and sent to her, plus bakery cupcakes to celebrate:

Thank you to Ginny, Aunt Terri and Uncle George, Uncle Bill and Aunt Joan, Grandpa Bill and Nana Joy! Our gifts to her were related to her newest fun "Spy" theme. Aunt Carolyn bought her a set/combo of spy stuff, Nana Ann sent her nice L.L. Bean binoculars (the better to spy on far away things), a magnify glass and walkie-talkie's.
We found this easy chapter book series on horses at the library; AA loved them, so bought all of them for her to read:
Saturday morning, we didn't sleep well so took a few moments to rest on the sofa at 6 am! AA is reading one of her new books:
Saturday's party at noon set up: Food from Tijuana Flats, Rainbow cake from Edgewood Bakery (Nicole) and four types of my home baked cupcakes: Triple Lemon (Christa), Coconut Key Lime (Leaa), Chocolate (Alyzabeth) and Strawberry (Justin).
Plus the helium balloons and the homemade banner......
Lots of popcorn for those who "popped" over!
 Glad the Johnson Family came, AA's special school friend, Samuel with brothers Joey and Shawn:
The Forte's all came, so much fun to play with this family, almost every Sunday at golf too. Katie was so sweet and played jump rope on the deck.
Matt Forte and Ford:
Jordan brought lovely Mila:
 Lots of running around, exploring and eating too much sugar!
Doreen and Shawn relaxing while the boys played with AA:
 Grandma Cathy watching over Mila; best view in the house!
 The "older" girls hanging out with Ms. Kelly Powell, River House Manager:
 Alivia seemed pleased with the craft choices:
Alivia with her balloon and Maddie with her mermaid balloon:

Daddy Ford being goofy with the birthday girl's balloon crown:
The Hulk!
Lots of balloons and a doggy one for AA:
We never could have imagined how nice it was to have this balloon lady: the kids were enthralled and kept them busy for an hour! Amazing. And this balloon lady was amazing, filling every child's request for a special character! Linda at Balloons R4 Twisting!
Back at home, AA opened a few remaining gifts; we had immediately stopped when the balloon lady appeared and didn't get back to finish until after the party. AA loved her binoculars from Nana Ann.

After the party, Auntie Carolyn arrived and we played with Fayah, went back to the River House for the Oktoberfest celebration dinner and then bed time!


dawn said...

such a lovely party. I really can't believe AA is seven. It seems so big and it just seems like yesterday you were in China with a very very sad toddler.

Vivian M said...

Happy birthday!!! Awesome party!