Monday, September 02, 2013

Labor Day Weekend - Endings

Sunday was pretty good; AA was still at her sister Leaa's house; we went to church and then did some shopping for AA's birthday. After picking up AA at the beach, we decided to head home rather than going to the BBQ. Everyone too tired and AA would not be sociable! She was crashing!
Monday was a lazy day, taking a walk, going to the pool for a few hours and then working on a variety of "stuff" at home. Phone call to Grampa Morgan to wish him a Happy Birthday!
We have lots of September birthdays so are hosting a family party in a few weeks. I made some homemade cupcake "flags", using all the kids names. I will put cupcakes for each birthday kid, the same number as their name, so that each one has their own "cake and candles" to blow out. Last year, each had their own cake, all different flavors! Alyzabeth picked out the color red for party decorations:

I was in Winn-Dixie and spotted flowers for $1.00 - had to have the roses and two for a dollar, seemed a bargain. And bringing us pleasure for many days..... glad you can't see the beer bottle for a vase :)
Labor Day: Quiet pool before the on set of many families!
Almost ready to jump in pool:
Water slide looked fun; AA wouldn't go on it. I begged and said I would go with her, but only got a firm no.
BBQ lunch:
Plenty of pool time:
Ice cream for dessert:
Hope everyone enjoyed their labor Day weekend!

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