Saturday, September 14, 2013

Forever Family Day Number 5!! 2008 - 2013

We celebrate each year with a fun and slightly formal dinner at P. F. Chang's. This year, due to AA's golf tournament on Sunday and me being out of town on the actual day, the 16th; we went on the 14th, today. She and Daddy had a golf date with Daddy Caddy Chad and daughter Bryn, so getting to the restaurant was a bit of a rush. I brought a China dress for her to change into and she said no way. So she has her sporty outfit on. Oh well, I tried!
We have so many posts about this special day for our family, if you would like to read some history, just click here.
We love the food so enjoyed appetizer of the chicken lettuce wraps and steamed/salted edamane.

 I choose the lemon scallops (which they have taken off the menu), AA had pepper steak (she loves the vegetables of onion and peppers!) and Ford had the Ahi Tuna salad.
Then, AA said she would like a dessert, so the Chocolate, peanut butter, crunch "cake" was selected. Our Waiter asked if it was a special occasion which we explained the reason why we were there. He brought the dessert for AA and vanilla ice cream and said it was on the house. He expressed himself so beyond his young years (he looked 20) and seemed genuinely happy about the adoption celebration! Extra point for P.F. Chang!
 We bought many gifts for AA when we were in China. Many are in storage right now and some seem a little too old for her. I ordered on-line a necklace shaped like the moon with her birth stone bead and a pearl. I thought it may still be a little old for her, but she seemed pleased and wanted to put it on (very unusual for her!). We love her to the moon and back! The moon has always been part of our adoption story with her, so we all shared the lovely moment. She is just precious! Five years! Can you believe it?
 Giggling while having our forever day kiss!
 All smiles!
 Our annual photo outside of P. F. Chang:
 The necklace:
 Happy Forever Family Day - Gottcha Day! 2013!!

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Catherine said...

What a beautiful celebration if the day your lives changed forever in the most wonderful ways!!