Friday, September 20, 2013

Birthday Preparations - Friday!

It does take time to prepare for a birthday bash, especially when you take a look at everything on Pinterest!
Cara designed the birthday invitation so we could have one to give to AA's little friends, we booked the River House building on our property (since we are in a tiny condo right now, no space for 30 people!), we bought crafty stuff for the kids to do during the party, ordered a cake and I am making four different kinds of cupcakes, helium balloons, and a few decorating items. This year, Alyzabeth and I attempted a banner. She choose red as her favorite color, no other theme for the party since we are celebrating three other grown kids birthdays too.

Friday (today), I did the baking and preparations for the craft table, "Guess how many pieces of candy is in the Jar" contest and a few games for the party. We pick up the balloons tomorrow and hope it is all fun! Ford found a balloon "lady" so look forward to how that all turns out!
While I was baking cupcakes, AA was at school and Daddy brought ice cream cups and Italian Ice cup (non-dairy) treats for the class.
 Here's Nana Joy's chocolate sheet cake made into cupcakes:
 Key Lime and Coconut Cupcakes:
 Nana's Strawberry cake recipe made into cupcakes:
I didn't take before photos of the Triple Lemon Cupcakes with lemon frosting. All were good. We really liked the flavor of the Key Lime Coconut cupcakes, but they came out small and dense, so will work on that recipe.
Tonight, we will have dinner at Taps and dessert at home to begin AA's celebration! Happy 7th!

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