Saturday, September 28, 2013

AA's Birthday Shopping Trip and Leaa's Birthday!

Today is Leaa's birthday. She celebrated by moving into their new home in St. Augustine. We drove over to visit, tour the home and lunch together.
Earlier in the morning, AA and I took a quick shopping trip. AA received a gift card from my sister and brother-in-law. Any money she has received, immediately goes into her piggy bank and then twice a year into her electronic bank account. Since this was a gift card, and she is old enough to know all about shopping, guess we had to go!
She had an hour to select what to buy. She decided two smaller gifts was better than one big toy! So a new little black poodle puppy joined her other stuffed bed friends and a Friends LEGO set to add to her collection. She loved shopping! (I bought the black hat for her from the clearance rack, thought it added some style to our otherwise predictable fashion sense!)

Friends LEGO set; AA has several now and all the Friends characters. She selected this set as it had a foal to go along with the horse she already had:
Thank you to Aunt-T and Uncle George for the Target gift card!

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