Monday, August 05, 2013

Vacation - Last Few Days - At the Read's

After our vacation to visit with family in Maine, we went to New York City for a little less than two days (met up with daughter Leaa and family), then met up with bloggy friends in New Jersey.
Next, we were on the road to our final visit, to the Read's in Tennessee. They are always welcoming, treat us like royalty and seem to enjoy our company!
AA jumped in the pool almost immediately when we arrived (Thursday early evening), was a hot, long day in the truck!

She loved the diving board! Cannonball! Jim did his best, more like a tidal wave!
Cliffreda made wonderful meals, lots of vegetables, salmon, potatoes..... Plus good wine and catching up on family news.
Friday morning was breakfast with Jim's Dad (Dave) and Mom in the mountains, beside a beautiful brook, lots of views, great food and new friends (Kirk, Carol-Ann, Paul, etc..):
Thanks to Carol-Ann for picking up our camera and taking a few of AA and I climbing into the COLD water:
We went golfing at the Concord Park, all Par three holes:
It was a great practice round since AA hadn't played in over a week; beautiful views of the lake:
A stray paddle-boat floated by Jim's dock:
AA patiently watching the proceedings with dog friend Glenn:
We didn't get a photo of Jim and Cliffreda together, wish we had, they were cute walking arm and arm..... Ford talking to Cliffreda while Jim is rescuing the paddle boat:
Snack of boiled spicy peanuts:
AA loved playing with their dogs (above); she was more comfortable with them by the time we left and loved seeing Glen drink in the pool. He usually walked onto the top stair and enjoyed the pool too!Our second dinner was delicious, steak, twice baked potatoes and more vegetables! Delicious!
Secret passageways, AA had fun discovering secret drawers and attic spaces and the "tunnel" to the garage apartment:
Last morning, boy did we enjoy our visit! Even had a send off package of home baked goodies for our road trip! Thank you to the Read's!!
We stopped in Forsyth, Georgia for lunch. We usually stop at Anne's Deli, but it was closed. Good thing for Trip Advisor and the great reviews on "Grit's Cafe". Fried green tomatoes, shrimp and cheese grits, club sandwich and spring rolls. All yummy! A very cute southern charming town:
We had an uneventful (meaning easy, good) trip home. Back doing laundry, getting ready for work and planning the two weeks before school starts!

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