Thursday, August 01, 2013

Vacation - Continuing in NJ - Meeting Bloggy Friends!

We finally met long-time blogger Dita and her Darlings! Yes, after many years of internet spying/visiting, leaving comments and sharing family milestones, we met our old bloggy friends in New Jersey. Our AA and little miss J. had fun together. They brought AA a bag full of gifts, all for her to use during our long trek home over the next few days (thank you!). They were so cute together! I am hoping to see more photos from Dita; she's an excellent photographer! What a treat to meet this family; so nice and had a family guest (Emma) from Italy. The young teenagers didn't talk much, well, who could get a word in with us gushing over our cutie daughters and catching up on our family stories. Hope they come visit us in Florida someday.

The girls were playing the staring game, hilarious!
Lunch together:
Walking to our next stop for gelato and espresso:
A hallway painted like Venice:
And eating ice cream:
Last stop before saying our goodbyes!
So good to see old friends in person for the first time!

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